Learn, teach for free at BarCamp Green Bay

BarCamp Green BayAt first I didn’t know what BarCamp was. I saw that Chris Jaure had put a lot of effort in starting up BarCamp Green Bay and it sparked my interest. I watched video to see what it was all about and wanted to be a part of it right away.

BarCamp Green Bay is free

I’ve gone to Startup Weekend events, meetups, and conferences that I have paid to be a part of. BarCamp Green Bay is free and sponsored by both local business and some larger relevant businesses. Also, free food and COFFEE, what more could you want?

BarCamp Green Bay SponsorsLearn stuff that you’d never get the chance to

There is a wide range of people and skills that have attended BarCamp Green Bay the past few years. These people have acquired massive amounts of knowledge that you probably couldn’t get from a book. A lot of what others have learned can be boiled down so as to make the learning faster for us. Last year I learned a lot about electric bikes, something I would have never spent the time doing myself.

Share your knowledge with others

I know you have a knowledge in an area or two, everyone does. Everyone that comes to BarCamp Green Bay has a thirst for that knowledge. We want you to share that experience with us. You know when you try talking to one of your family members about something that interests you and they just nod their way through it? That isn’t us, we love these conversations.

BarCamp Green Bay is family-friendly

Having a family and going to events like these can be hard, even when you make time for them. At BarCamp Green Bay there is a KidsCamp with a ton of fun stuff for them to do. Now both your kids and you can have fun at an event and learn some new things.


Go to http://www.barcampgb.org/ to register and add a proposal to talk if you want!

It happens on Saturday November 5th at the NWTC Conference Center in Green Bay: https://goo.gl/maps/szdhAWTUWmE2