Fixed div that follows the Bootstrap container using CSS calc

Are you looking to create a fixed div that follows the Bootstrap container? This is useful and much more user friendly than putting a fixed HTML element on the very right edge of the browser window. Using a regular percentage to move an element off the browser window edge is useful, but the space between the window and your content can vary greatly. I came up with a solution that creates a fixed div that follows the Bootstrap container using (more…)

The escape within the escape

At the end of winter this year I was reminded that you need to escape reality now and then. I went on a mini vacation to Fort Lauderdale Florida with my mother and brother. This was one of the first traveling vacations I’d taken in nearly ten years. All of my previous post high school vacations were time spent at home. I’d been to Florida a handful of times before. Disneyland as a kid, twice just to relax on the gulf coast, and a Disney cruise as well. I knew what to expect going on a quick trip there. Although I’m perfectly fine staying home my entire vacation, leaving for somewhere I’d never (more…)

WordPress Underscores with the Foundation framework

Go to, put in your theme name, click generate, and download the WordPress Underscores starter theme.

Unzip the Underscores theme you downloaded and go into the unzipped folder. There should be one more folder with the same theme name inside. This is your project folder and can be moved to a (more…)

My first experience with FoundationPress, a WordPress starter theme

What is FoundationPress?

FoundationPress is a WordPress starter theme using the Foundation front-end framework. It uses Node.js to install Grunt and Bower, which manage the framework files. It uses the SASS CSS language, one of the best. FoundationPress checks for updates to the Foundation framework, which are handy when they (more…)

My first experience with Minecraft

As a long time gamer I always have an eye out for games that I think will be successful. I heard of Minecraft many times in the past. I would always see my brother-in-laws and little cousins playing it. Minecraft is one of those games that is really hard to understand just from watching it for a few minutes. I watched them play many times and never understood what made it so (more…)

Customizing JointsWP, a WordPress theme using Foundation 5

As someone that uses WordPress quite a bit, I have spent a lot of time looking for good themes for my clients. Finding a good WordPress theme that fits their needs, saves me time and them money is very important. For awhile I saw plenty of Bootstrap WordPress themes floating around themeforest. Although these were tempting to use, I had always (more…)